Special Events

The Meeting Point: Thai Massage & Osteopathy – Bali

An Advanced Training by Pau Castellsagué
Jan 12-23 / Tegal Sari, Ubud Bali

The underlying mission of this course is to get together and develop our ability to have a meaningful dialogue with the structure under our hands. We learn this new language and we can deeply touch bones, joints, muscles, fascias, organs, etc… We become very specific, without losing a global holistic approach.

Thai Massage Foundation 200hr Online Training​


Start today at your own pace / Group Certification Starting March 11

*For practitioners of all levels

This 200-hour online program is a complete overview, a deep dive into all the fundamentals that you need to safely get started in your journey, build up your own practice and tap into your personal style. Our main focus throughout the course is the universal principles that make Thai Massage such a unique bodywork practice.

The Meeting Point: Thai Massage & Osteopathy – Chiang Mai

An Advanced Training by Pau Castellsagué
Feb 27 – March 3 / Sunshine Massage School

5-day program for intermediate and advanced practitioners with previous experience in Thai Massage. A course designed for practitioners looking to expand their horizons and search for new inspiration. Step by step, students will be guided to improve their ability to listen, palpate, feel and treat throughout the whole body.