Yoga Meets Traditional Chinese Medicine & Thai Yoga Massage

Facilitated by Daniela Garza
with Pau Castellsagué as one of the guest teachers
October 18th - 29th, 2024 / Uluwatu, Bali

100hr Of Your 300hr Yoga Teacher Training

This Module will take you on a journey to the Yoga Universe through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Understanding the connection between your most prominent emotions, the organs that store them, and the meridians that liberate them in our human subtle anatomy.

Come awaken your inner pathways through Meridian focused Yoga Sequences, Element Meditations, Thai Yoga Massage, the Fascia Universe, Embodied Healing Practices and Qi Gong.

You will learn how to re-define balance in your body, applying these healing arts into your life and the life of others, acquire new healing practices and skills to amplify your confidence and learn to share what you love!

This course is for you if:

  • You want to find more creativity within your practice + sequencing
  • You want to build more confidence teaching
  • You wish to create a nourishing environment to thrive in your love life, business, and/or career
  • You want to immerse in the healing arts and apply them successfully
  • You wish to connect with other amazing yogis and world class teachers
  • You want to further specialize your offerings.
  • You wish to get your 300hr certificate or further your studies.
  • You wish to take a well-deserved break and learn awesome wealth tools in Bali!
  • You love the Ocean vibes and want to have fun whilst you learn from the best!

What will you Learn:

  • Sequencing Yoga through the lens of meridians
  • Morning Element Meditations and Qi Gong
  • Personal Restructuring of overall Habits
  • A full Thai Yoga Massage sequence
  • Redefining your diet in a way that supports your unique composition
  • Anatomy of the 7 Emotions and which organ stores them, how to address them.
  • How to adapt your yoga sequences to better find balance and qi flow
  • Aquatic bodywork to compliment yoga and Thai massage.
  • The most important acupressure points in your body and how to use them.
  • Embodied healing practices, including breath, anatomy, and the fascia universe.