Practice: Bloodstops

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2 thoughts on “Practice: Bloodstops”

  1. Riccardo Ervini

    Hi Bro, on the final exercise with Daniello on his side, would you say to do in a single massage, both BS from orthodox position AND in realxed position on the same leg, or would you choose one of the 2 kind of position to perform the sitting BS?

    1. Hey Riccardo… this class is a full overview of many bloodstops. I would definitely not do all of them to one patient. Maybe I would choose two or three of them in one single massage. The sitting bloodstop is the best one and you can do a few of them on both legs in the same treatment. The double bloodstop in the femoral artery in supine is also kind of a must-do in each massage and you will not go wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰

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