Benefits of Thai Massage

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2 thoughts on “Benefits of Thai Massage”

  1. Riccardo Ervini

    Awsome video Bro!
    2 questions:
    – can you link websites or anything related to the studies conduct with Thai Massage?
    – when you speak about therapy with Sport professionals repeating a certain amount of treatments, is there a ratio, a structure to define a therapy with Thai Massage? how many treatments should be done? for how long? and what would be the recommended duration of each massage?

    Big hug

    1. Hi Riccardo… if you search in google you will find plenty of them. This is one example:

      About Sport professionals… honestly this can be quite complex. It depends on the sport and it depends a lot on the level. It’s not the same if you are treating a young kid that plays tending in their local club or a FC Barcelona player right before the Champions League final 🙂
      Not sure I can give you a good answer for that through a text … sorry!!!

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