Practice: Single Leg exercises

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3 thoughts on “Practice: Single Leg exercises”

  1. Riccardo Ervini

    Hi Pau.
    one question: when you lenghten the receiver leg straight in a diagonal direction with your “third” hand, you also massage the fascia lata /boomerang zone with one other hand, but i don’t understand well what you actually do with that hand on the boomerang. Is that a general rubbing? or a palming? or what else?

    1. Hey Riccardo… this is a bit of my personal thing. I get my full palm on the area of the Fascia Latta and massage, rub, sink a bit of body weight. You can go all around the greater trochanter. Also… make sure your other hand is on the medial aspect of the knee (it’s a good touch 😉

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