Prayer: Om Namo Shivago

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3 thoughts on “Prayer: Om Namo Shivago”

  1. Workbook p.23


    Om Namo Shivago Silasa Ahang Karuniko Sapasatanang Osatha
    Tipa Mantang Papaso Suriya Jantang Gomalapato Paka Sesi Wantami
    Bantito Sumethasso Arokha Sumana Homi.
    (3 times)
    Piyo Tewa Manussanang
    Piyo Proma Namuttamo
    Piyo Nakha Supananang
    Pininsiang Nama Mihang
    Namo Puttaya Navon Navien
    Nasatit-Nasatien Ehi-Mama
    Navien-Nawe Napai-Tang-Vien
    Navien-Mahaku Ehi-Mama
    Piyong-Mama Namo-Puttaya.
    (1 time)
    Na-A Na-Wa Lokha Payati Vina Shanti.
    (3 times)

    Translation of this Pali prayer:
    “We invite the spirit of our Founder, the Father Doctor Shivago, who comes to us
    though his saintly life. Please bring to us the knowledge of all nature, that this
    prayer will show us the true medicine of the universe. In the name of this mantra,
    we respect your help and pray that through our bodies you will bring wholeness
    and health to the body of our client.
    The Goddess of healing dwells in the heavens high, while mankind stays in the
    world below. In the name of the Founder, may the heavens be reflected in the
    earth below so that this healing medicine may encircle the world.
    We pray for the one whom we touch, that he will be happy and that any illness will
    be released from him.”

  2. Dear Pau,
    I can certainly relate that you don’t relate to the pali version of this mantra.
    Nonetheless the meaning, intention and words in english for me resonate.

    I was wondering what is your personal practice? Or what mantra do you call in befor a treatment. And do you say it in meditation alone before you meet the patient or do you do it as they lay down? Do you say it out loud? or just in your mind? Do you let your person know that you will say/think a little prayer?

    Thanks for your answer

    1. This keeps on changing and evolving over the years. In the recent times i have a small prayer that i can recite internally before i touch my patient. And i also have my own personal way to close and finish my sessions. This is very personal and unique for each of us 🙂

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