Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha

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  1. Note to self:

    1) the BUDDHA: the prince Sidharta Gautama, “the enlightend-one”, the light. It’s inside of ALL OF US!
    2) the DHAMMA: (the dharma) these are the teachings/ lessons forwarded by the “light”
    3) the SANGHA: (the kula) the chosen family, the seekers of truth
    The Buddha Nature is our inner light, the Dhamma is the remembering of it, and the direction and guidance, and the sangha is the people around us who are there as supporters, but also as mirrors and reflections.

    A biku is a buddhist monk.

    The realization:
    Sidharta realized after 40 days under the tree, the law of IMPERMANENCE and that the only constant thing is CHANGE.
    So practice the art of radical acceptance of each present moment of now, and take inspired actions forward from there. Knowing that nothing will last forever, not the pain, not the joy, not the love, not the hate, not the friends, not the home, things come and they go, and thats just how it is.
    Create from a place of love (there is no other way) make sure its pure and undistorted love, and let go of the need to collect credit for it. Plant seeds, water them, but do not wait impatiently for the fruit to be yours. Befriend death, in order to love life. Connect to your essence and find god within and without, in all things, all actions, all events. Que sera, sera. And so it is. (personal thoughts and conclusions)

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