Practice: Feet

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3 thoughts on “Practice: Feet”

  1. Notes to self & other 😉

    SEN KALATHARI (p.46)
    This line criss-crosses the whole body and its potency comes from this crossover effect. As
    it runs from left to right and from right to left, it joins the feminine and masculine
    elements within the body. Sen Kalathari supports or encourages emotional release,
    depending on how deeply and repeatedly it is worked. Stress is often related to the
    emotions, so it is good for tension headaches, sciatica and high blood pressure

    Anatomy of the foot in Workbook p.171-173

  2. Question:
    I have learned that doing all five lines of the foot is super important. You only roughly showed one point of the Kalahatry line.
    Is the “doing of the lines” just another more systematic way of “not leaving any stone unturned”?

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