Rules of a good Thai Masseur


  1. Study diligently the techniques and the practice of massage.
  2. Do not practice at public places but at a place suitable for massage.
  3. Do not hope for any gains, expect neither material profits nor glory or fame.
    (It is fine to gain an income but this should not be the masseur’s main motive)
  4. Do not take patients from another masseur. (it’s not a competition)
  5. Do not boast your knowledge. (practice what you have learnt and give your best. Be
    humble and let your massage speak, not your tongue).
  6. Ask for advice and listen to people who know more than you.
  7. Bring a good reputation to the ‘Seven Schools’.
  8. Don’t give out certificates in ‘Basic Thai massage’ to a person who is not qualified.
  9. Remember and honour daily the roots of the healing massage and it’s founder, Jivaka
    Kumar Bhaccha.

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