Meet S.N. Goenka

S.N. Goenka was a prominent Indian teacher of Vipassana meditation, a traditional form of Buddhist meditation that originated in India and has been practiced for centuries. Goenka was born in 1924 in Burma (now Myanmar) and was introduced to Vipassana meditation as a young man. He later became a student of Sayagyi U Ba Khin, a respected Vipassana teacher in Burma, and eventually became a teacher himself.

Goenka is known for his role in popularizing Vipassana meditation in the West and for establishing a number of Vipassana meditation centers around the world. He taught Vipassana meditation to thousands of students and conducted numerous meditation retreats in India, the United States, and other countries.

Goenka was a highly respected teacher of Vipassana meditation and was known for his clear and concise teaching style and his ability to make the ancient teachings of Vipassana accessible to modern students. He passed away in 2013, but his teachings and influence continue to be felt around the world.


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