Principles of Thai Massage


Applying mindful principles at all times during Thai Massage is not only to protect the
giver from pain and save energy but it is also what creates the magic…the allowing…the
unfolding…the melting…the healing… Understanding these principles is the key to
offering the best massage you can possibly give…

Humble yourself and open up for being guided to wherever it is you need to go. Leave
your own story at the door. Hold space and be a platform for healing to come like a wave.

Where am I? How do I feel? Am I comfortable? Can i do this for a long time and feel ok?
Always scan your body and find ways to nourish yourself in the process of giving. Place
special attention to your own lower back and shoulders.

The most powerful force is given to you vertically and unlimited. Will you choose to use
it? Can you find the right angle of your body so that Gravity con do the work for you?
Find your way, set it up, precise angle, are you sure? YES… so breathe in, and as you
exhale… lean, and sink, and Lean again and sink even more.

Move from your center, your HARA. Every movement is born right below your belly
button. From there our body is simply an extension of this movement. Present and
aware… with your mind still on this present moment. Now you are fully here. Now you
have arrived.

Close your eyes and move like no one is watching you. Dance like a barefooted child.
Feel the JOY. Enter the flow. From this point on… Thai Massage is no longer a massage…
we are entering a MAGICAL JOURNEY.

Big open hand, big big hand, cover as much surface as you can, feel the different layers,
embrace the tissues, listen to the doors as they open in front of you, make half a second
transform into eternity… with precision, care, love, sensitivity… and yes… now!… it’s time
to sink.

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