Breema Bodywork


The 9 Principles of Harmony can support us to come to the present moment and live each
moment of life more fully.

Body Comfortable: take a few breaths, and experience that your body is breathing. Feel
your own weight.

No Extra: we exist as a part of the whole of Existence, in perfect harmony with the whole.
To express our true nature, nothing extra is needed.

Firmness and Gentleness: in Firmness and Gentleness we can find the possibility of
harmonizing our mental and emotional activity, so that they can support each other.

Full Participation: when body, mind, and Soul are united in a common aim. Mind and
feelings participate fully in the activity of the body, free from any imaginary separation.

Mutual Support: any time you give, you are simultaneously receiving. If you are in a
position to give support, it is because you have been supported to get there.

No Judgment: the nature of our monkey mind is to imagine everything to be outside of
itself. That is the root of our judgmental attitude toward life. With a non-judgemental
touch, an atmosphere of acceptance and unity is created.

Single Moment/Single Activity: when you are present, there is a single moment. In the
absence of thought and feelings, you enter into the present, and there is one moment
and one activity.

No Hurry/No Pause: through connection to the body, we enter the present. Our Being
participates, without hurry or pause, and our rhythm is the rhythm of Existence.

No Force: moment after moment, awareness emanates, and the timeless process of
Existence flows without force. To be in harmony with Existence is our nature. When we
express our true nature, we use no force. All that’s necessary is to let go of assumptions of

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