Principles of Thai Massage

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    Note to self:


    1. Metta & Karuna: be truelly compassionate and loving in your intention to practice towards yourself and the other
    2. Full presence: when distracted by personal stories or too much analizing of the body and judging, come back to your heart and connect to theirs
    3. Gravity: create, have and use energy in your massage. The Hara (L3) is the origin of movement, the center of gravity. Be a martial arts master πŸ˜‰
    4. Touch: (The Key to a mindblowing & heartopening, soulmelting massage) Our massaging touch ought to be mindful, fully present, with huge hands, perfect fit, -> approaching ->knocking/contact ->wait for invitation/listen -> when door opens we enter and sink in, slowly, but confident and curious. Be aware of skinburn, give skincredit. Be aware of hair pulling, nest, give haircredit.
    5. Magic Dance: The 5 shining stars =
    5.1 rhythm, flow,
    5.2 childlike curiosity, be like an alien in your body who is touching another human for the first time πŸ˜›
    5.3 intuition, listen in, trust your own bodyintellignce, let the thinking brain go on vacation, don’t try to make sense
    5.4 innocence, (as mentioned above) be a rookie, explore, don’t think you know, be pure
    5.5 ???
    6. Playfulness: no goal, other than enjoyment and fun and exploration (Mudita)
    7. Detachement: Upeksha, you are doing your magic with full presence and awareness, the outcome is not in your controll and has nothing to do with your worth. Sure reflect, use decernement, but do not attache.

    Also read page 40,41,42.

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