Morning prayers and meditation

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2 thoughts on “Morning prayers and meditation”


    Wuoaaaaw.. This threw me back into the shala with you! Such a blessing. Thank you.

    Is it possible to het the chords for the last song/mantra?

    And what’s the idea, I know that in presidential we do this practice EVERY morning, obviously that might be the goal also for our at home practice? What do you suggest? would it also be ok to do it 1x a week?

    And one last thing: THANK YOU!

    1. the last song is the Thich Nath Hanh mantra for Amittabhaya. Mostly played with C and G (the last round goes C, C7, F and G

      Yes… during our courses we do it every day. It is totally up to you 🙂 once a week sounds perfect.

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