An Advanced Training with Andreas Weber, Christian Gfeller & Pau Castellsagué
August 23-31 / Little Nepal, Frutigen Switzerland

A full week residential program, for intermediate and advanced practitioners
with previous experience in bodywork.

A course designed for practitioners looking to expand their horizons and search for new inspiration.  

Step by step, students will be guided to improve their ability to listen, palpate, feel and treat throughout the whole body.

At the end of the course, you will receive an international diploma from the prestigious Sunshine Network.

The underlying mission of this course is to get together and develop our ability to have a meaningful dialogue with the structure under our hands. We learn this new language and we can deeply touch bones, joints, muscles, fascias, organs, etc… We become very specific, without losing a global holistic approach.


Thai Yoga Massage

A Thai Massage course is always a spiritual experience that combines meditation, yoga and the practice of loving-kindness. A communion between two human beings, a co-created dance of mindful touch and presence. The way we move, the way we breathe, the way we contact and connect, the way we hold space and allow healing to happen… this is the ancient art of Thai Yoga Massage.


Osteopathy is based on a crystal clear vision of Anatomy, Physiology and body mechanics… and aims to bring back vitality and mobility in the areas where it is most needed. Through our ability to listen and touch our patient with softness and precision, tapping into our unlimited curiosity, we can help restore balance and create a platform where healing can unfold.

We are excited and enthusiastic to share effective osteopathic methods such as Reciprocal Tension, Functional Exaggeration, Hoover, Inhibition, Recoil, 
Rebound, Pumping, GOT, etc… We will also provide a first introduction to the Cranial Field (Cranio-Sacral therapy) and osteopathic treatment of the organs (kidneys, mesentery, liver, spleen, heart… )


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• Shared dorm 1350€
• Tent or van 1250€
• Non-residential 1100€
This course is residential and the price includes three delicious meals a day, accommodation, all classes and a manual.
In order to reserve your spot, please make a deposit of 150€.
The remaining amount can be paid in cash upon arrival.

Arrival: August 23rd after 15.00

Departure: August 31 after lunch

Daily Program   
6.15 – 8.30 / Chanting, Meditation and Yoga
8.30 – 10.00 / Breakfast
10.00 – 13.30 / Thai Massage & Osteopathy
13.30 – 16.00 / Lunch and rest
16.00 – 19.00 / Thai Massage & Osteopathy
19.00 – 20.30 / Dinner
20.30 – 21.30 / Bhakti Yoga and more
22.00 / Mouna: Silence

Andreas Weber

My search for deeper meaning in life led me to travel to India in 2005, which was a life-changing experience. Upon returning to Switzerland, I settled by a mountain river and lived fully immersed in nature. This allowed me to connect deeply with the earth and the elements. I spent my days learning from my mentor about yoga, meditation, and the art of simple living. I discovered that spending time in nature, listening to the sounds of the river and the forest, helped me find peace and tranquility. During this time, I also learned about organic gardening and the importance of sustainable living, which I began to incorporate into my life.
In search of personal healing, after a cancer diagnosis, I left for Thailand and dedicated almost a year to learning Thai massage in Chiang Mai. It was there that I discovered bodywork and decided to pursue it further. In 2018, I enrolled in the Swiss International College of Osteopathy (SICO) and I am set to complete the five-year program in June of this year.

Currently, I live with my wife and four children in „little Nepal“ – a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and a vast permaculture garden. I am passionate about bringing people back to simplicity and helping them connect with their inner nature.

About Christian 

Since childhood, my real heroes in the world were these half naked dreadlocked guys that could sit for hours in total stillness.

Growing up in a spiritually poor society, it is mother earth and her woods and rivers that became my only teacher and worshiped master for many years. In the need of answers to the mysteries of life, meditation and Martial Art, later Yoga became my daily companions. In 1998 I learned physiotherapy to open the door for Osteopathy in 2002. Since 2007 I’ve worked in my own office with related professions.

Teaching Yoga and Reconstructive Constellation Work completed my hands-on quest for the fundamental principles behind the physical manifestations of life. In the last decade the SICO (Swiss International College of Osteopathy), other groups of practitioners, Yogis and laypersons offered me multiple opportunities to teach.

Sharing and spreading insights about the essence of what we are, is a great fulfilment. I’m very grateful for this possibility.


About Pau

A family trip to India, back in 2005, started it all. I dropped my career as a radio sports journalist and together with my brother Wari and my sister Mireia launched the Omshanti Yoga Studio (2006) and, later on, the Barcelona Yoga Conference (2011).

The path has been filled with Yoga, AcroYoga and soon enough Thai Massage showed up and stole my heart. For the last decade I have traveled around the globe sharing this art, inspired by teachers of the Sunshine Network. Laurino Bertelli, and his dedication to Vipassana meditation, the visionary OsteoThai founders David Lutt & Arno L’Hermitte, and the Sangha spirit, generosity and joy from Takis and Kerys at the Sunshine House Greece.

After graduating from a 5-year Osteopathy program at SICO (Switzerland), under the mentorship of Phillipe Druelle, the mission is crystal clear… to create a global platform, the Thai Massage Academy, and dive deep into this magical fusion between Thai Yoga Massage and Osteopathy.


Little Nepal




I followed a spark & it lead me here to 'The Meeting Point' with Pau Castelslagué.
A sweet dive into structural anatomy & visceral receptivity, touch & inquiry ♡ A container of precision & depth dreamt up & placed into action by a truly magical teacher. Thank you @paucastellsague for supporting me to be here 🙏🏼 & sharing your years of dedication, devotion & curiosity with us the way you do.

My understanding of the human body has forever been changed! I will now hear bones speaking, I will visualize the characteristics of organs & want to know what they feel, know & say. All this thanks to animated anatomy, humor & love for the human body.

I vow to continue to explore that which lays in the darkness of our fluids, surrounded by intricate intelligence & vow to continue to speak to all these inner parts of myself, gathering data as I go so I can be a well of support in both mine & yours journey. May we all be guided by the wisdom of our bodies & know their sweetness, purpose & magic.

My heart is softer from this experience & I'm really humbled by the wide variety of teachings awaiting our attention, by the sensitivity in the beautiful people I got to meet.

I'm really ready to digest the magnificent wisdom of the body through my movement & yours !! & continue to touch bodies with an loving empty heart.

Thank you Bali 🌸
Chellan Freeman