with Pau Castellsagué & friends
August 8-18 / Omshanti Yoga Studio

The main ingredients of this 11-day program will be Vipassana Meditation, Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, AcroYoga and of course lots of Thai Yoga Massage.

Our main focus throughout the course is the universal principles that make Thai Massage such a unique bodywork practice.

There is a person laying down in a large futon and we work on this person for two full hours. We offer our loving touch from the tip of the toes to the crown of the head. Our tools, our elbows, and knees, feet, sometimes even the sitting bones. And of course, we use our hands, transforming the way we touch the way we feel and sense the way we hold space.

And with time and practice, developing warmth,sensitivity and intelligence in our hands, gently and gradually opening up their heart and in the process opening up also our own heart.

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of attendance from the International Society of Thai Yoga Massage (Sunshine Network).

We will walk you step by step through hundreds of exercises in every single part of the body, with our patient laying down in supine, in the side position, in the sitting position and in prone with theoretical and practical sessions, recaps and guided sequences.
This program is filled with practices that are crucial for the true understanding of Thai Massage, the teachings of the Buddha Buddhist philosophy and Vipassana meditation. The energetic system of the Thai Zen lines. This invisible network of personalities that provides and nourishes every cell of our body.


Structure & Method

This course was created by Asokananda, the first westerner to write about Thai Massage in English/German. Asoka’s dedication, study and curiosity has been of great importance for the Northern Style of Thai Massage to expand limitlessly through the globe.

His main teachers Chayuth and Pischest are the two Thai masters behind everything we will share in this class. Today, Pichest is still teaching his unique and precise Static style with a strong emphasis on the principles of touch, body position and the use of gravity. Chayuth’s Dynamic approach, based on releasing tension through movement, rocking techniques and harmonic waves is the perfect complement to achieve relaxation, integration and flow.

The combination of this two pillars of the northern style of Thai massage offers a holistic experience, a co-created Sacred Dance, a journey of mindfulness, balancing energy physically and emotionally with the ultimate goal of opening the heart for both, giver and receiver.

The course is open for complete beginners, repeaters, and advanced students, as well as bodyworkers of other therapies.


• Shared dorm 1350€
• Tent or van 1250€
• Non-residential 1100€

This course is residential and the price includes three delicious meals a day, accommodation, all classes and a manual.

In order to book your spot, please make a deposit of 
250€. The remaining amount can be paid in cash upon arrival.

Arrival: August 8th after 15.00

We will organize pickups from the ‘Granollers Centre’ train station. We kindly ask you not to arrive before 15h

Departure: August 18th after lunch
We will organize rides to the train station from 13h on. The last ride will be at 16h. Please arrange to leave the venue latest at 16h.

Daily Program   

6.15 – 8.30 / Chanting, Meditation and Yoga
8.30 – 10.00 / Breakfast
10.00 – 13.30 / Thai Massage & Osteopathy
13.30 – 16.00 / Lunch and rest
16.00 – 19.00 / Thai Massage & Osteopathy
19.00 – 20.30 / Dinner 
20.30 – 21.30 / Bhakti Yoga and more
22.00 / Mouna: Silence

About Pau

A family trip to India, back in 2005, started it all. I dropped my career as a radio sports journalist and together with my brother Wari and my sister Mireia launched the Omshanti Yoga Studio (2006) and, later on, the Barcelona Yoga Conference (2011).

The path has been filled with Yoga, AcroYoga and soon enough Thai Massage showed up and stole my heart. For the last decade I have traveled around the globe sharing this art, inspired by teachers of the Sunshine Network. Laurino Bertelli, and his dedication to Vipassana meditation, the visionary OsteoThai founders David Lutt & Arno L’Hermitte, and the Sangha spirit, generosity and joy from Takis and Kerys at the Sunshine House Greece.

After graduating from a 5-year Osteopathy program at SICO (Switzerland), under the mentorship of Phillipe Druelle, the mission is crystal clear… to create a global platform, the Thai Massage Academy, and dive deep into this magical fusion between Thai Yoga Massage and Osteopathy.

Omshanti Yoga Studio


Omshanti Yoga Studio
Camí de l’Estenoc s/n

Les Franqueses, Barcelona

How to arrive

By train
Line ‘Bcn-Girona’, ‘Granollers Centre’ stop

From Barcelona Airport
All trains from the airport are going in the right direction. Get out at ‘Granollers Centre‘ (1-hour ride)

From Girona Airport
Direct Bus to Granollers: 9:00 am, 11:30 am and 2:30 pm. If you miss the last bus you have to take a direct train to Barcelona, from ‘Passeig de Gracia’ or ‘Clot Aragó’ and take the train to ‘Granollers Centre’ from there.

AP-7 exit 12 ‘Cardedeu’ turn left on the first roundabout towards ‘Cardedeu est’. When you get to a second roundabout take direction ‘Granollers’ to your left. Still 2 km, you pass another roundabout all straight and when you see a petrol station on your left take the first street on your right (Green Park direction). You rise to find a direction signal ‘Marata’ to your right. 100m ‘Marata’ direction find an entrance to the left with an indication of ‘Omshanti’. A low sandy path to the right, find parking area

Granollers direction to Cardedeu (the hospital will be on your left, past the roundabout and past the stores Hipo, at the sign of petrol station 500m turn left (Green Park direction). You rise to find a direction signal ‘Marata’ right. Still 300m ‘Marata’ direction to find an entrance to the left with an ‘Omshanti’ indication. Lower right on the sand road and park past the oak. Upload walking the path to your right.


Omshanti Yoga Studio is a family-based yoga studio and retreat center. A homely and humble space on the top of a hill, the horizon goes from mountain Montserrat to the Natural Park of Montseny. Located in Granollers, 30 minutes from Barcelona city.
*Notice that Omshanti is located 35 minutes-train outside Barcelona +5 minute taxi from the train station.


Outdoor workshop space 200m2 Indoor workshop space 144m2
Swimming Pool & Steam Bath
Shared dorms in bunk beds
Camping space


Shared dorms and camping available. You can also bring your van. For dorms, we provide bed sheets, pillow with pillowcase and blankets. For campers, we can offer up to 10 mattresses with matching bedsheets for the first ones to book.
We do not provide tents, pillows nor blankets for campers.


3 vegetarian meals per day (including cheese and eggs). Fruit, nuts and tea available all day. Option for vegans, allergies and specific diets.
You are welcome to bring your own extra food or beverages. Omshanti is a vegetarian, smoke and alcohol-free space.